About Me


My name is Laura and this is my blog.

I live in sunny Western Australia with my husband and our four children.

For a decade I worked in various supervisor/manager administrative roles in the legal and resource sectors, both of which can be incredibly fast-paced and demanding. A few years ago I left that world behind to work from home full-time in my husband's business which had rapidly expanded. I handle all of the 'commercial' aspects of the business such as admin, accounts, human resources, marketing etc while my husband handles the operational side and works out in the field. I also run my own small business which doesn't take up a lot of my time but brings me a lot of pleasure. Working from home with small children presents a whole new set of challenges and rewards, but ones which I'm learning to adapt to. 

Sure, I'm busy but I like it that way.

I have an auto-immune disease called Hashimoto's Disease that affects my metabolism and causes me to feel very tired all the time. Metabolism is more than how much cake you can eat before you have to wear bigger pants, it is a basic cellular process so it affects my whole body in a myriad of ways.

If I'm going to feel tired, I'd rather feel tired after being busy than feel tired after doing nothing.

In the office I'm your regular corporate employee but off the clock I'm a slightly eccentric individual. My varied interests include Bollywood films, vegetarian food, cloth nappying, cats, dark chocolate, tulips, daffodils, listening to music, hoarding, arts+crafts, cooking and cleaning (but not tidying up or ironing).

I was a Girl Guide Leader for 10 years and in that time have developed a huge mental database of crafts, games and songs. I'm sure many of them will leak out onto this blog.

Laura xx


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