Tuesday, February 6, 2018

MPM: fortnightly plan

This is the plan we had for this fortnight. I spent just under $200 at the supermarket and then drew up this meal plan: 

We will also use up some meals we already had in the freezer or pantry (such as the meatballs) but then we will have some meals leftover from this shop that will go into the freezer for another fortnight (like the chicken fajita). 

So far I have topped up with bread, bananas, muesli bars, a soft drink, cheese, sour cream, milk and eggs so about $20.  

At the end of the fortnight I'll recap the fortnight and what we actually ate. 

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Back to school

School went back on Wednesday for children in Western Australia 

This is my eighth 'first day of school' as a parent so we were pretty relaxed. 

We employed the usual tricks to help us get ready and out the door,
  • Lay out uniforms the night before
  • New socks, all labeled 
  • Lunches pre-prepared
  • Bags prepped the night before
  • All back to school supplies labeled & in one bag
  • Hair freshly washed 
  • Early to bed, lots of sleep 
  • Already found out which classrooms to go to. 
Foolproof, right? But Miss 7 managed to lose her uniform between laying it out before bed, and getting up to get dressed in the morning. 

It turns out she had moved it to the end of her bed when she went to sleep so it would be right there when she woke up. But she tends to kick off her blankets in the night so when she was tossing and turning she kicked her uniform down the side and end of her bed, lol.