Wednesday, December 2, 2015

weigh in Wednesday week 1

Hello everyone, 

I survived the first week of my challenge. I wasn't very good at it, though. I think the pressure of the challenge made me eat worse than usual. 

I did parkrun on Saturday and achieved a personal best!! I wasn't trying to go fast so that was actually quite unexpected. It's made me motivated to go hard this Saturday (kids permitting!) and try and beat it again. 

And I did my Konga class on Sunday then walked to the shops and back. Over the course of the weekend I walked 20km. 

However, like I mentioned earlier, my eating wasn't too good. I had healthy snacks prepared (like the pineapple and snowpeas above) but I wasn't hungry so skipped a lot of meals and lived off coffee. And I ran out of eggs which are my go-to food. 

I also drank a whole bottle of Baileys over the course of the week, which is basically cream and sugar. Big mistake!

So, drumroll please....  

Starting weight: X
Current weight: X-2
Goal weight: X-20

I think I got lucky with losing water weight, we'll have to see how I go next week. I think I also need better scales. 

Laura xx