Friday, November 6, 2015

Part-time bottle feeding

A few weeks ago we made some changes to our feeding routine. Baby N and I had both been sick and as a result my milk supply dropped at the same time as Baby N wanted to increase feeds to soothe himself. There was often nothing there for him which would frustrate and upset him and then upset me. I know we could have just ridden it out and tried a few techniques to increase supply but honestly, with our busy lifestyle, I was already feeling a bit stretched. 

We introduced two bottles of formula a day: one at 9pm when Baby N is ready for bed (he's also sleeping a little better at night after this, often sleeping for 4hrs after his bedtime bottle) and one around 6-7am which is his breakfast bottle. Of course, the breakfast bottle falls when everyone is getting ready for school/work so it's handy that anyone can feed Baby N, it doesn't just fall onto me. 

Overnight and daytime feeds (mostly) are still me and I think that gives us the best of both worlds. One of my concerns, though, was having the milk at the right temperature. I decided to look for a thermometer that would work like a meat thermometer works, but for bottles of milk. And if one didn't exist, is invent it and make millions, haha. 

Well, they do exist! The link below is the one I bought.

Honestly, it makes life so much easier, not having to guess whether the liquid is a suitable temperature. 


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