Monday, November 16, 2015

My week 46/52


Normally I'd start with 'happy Monday' or something to that effect, but it doesn't seem quite right, given the horrific events of the past week in Paris and Beirut. And of course, every news story and Facebook post spurs comments of "what about...." and lists other cases of human suffering occurring in the world right now.   A lot of people are annoyed with the attention on Paris when other places, people and causes haven't received the same level of attention, and I think the discussions they start are good. But I think we need to be wary of getting ourselves into a state where we're so scared of not having the perfect response, of not being able to show solidarity with everyone at once, that we show no solidarity or compassion at all. 

So, is it tacky of me to share my pretty, stickered planner when atrocities are happening across the world, including those happening on Christmas Island under the responsibility of my own country's government? Maybe, but I hope not. 

I hope that we humans, as complex creatures, can appreciate and enjoy life and not take it for granted while still having compassion for those who are suffering, and work to end their suffering. I hope that we don't get so overwhelmed by the desire to fix everything that we don't fix anything. And I hope that we feel our responsibility as global citizens and fellow human beings every minute of every day, a sturdy thread woven into the fabric of our lives, not just when the news puts up an emotive image or Facebook creates a profile meme.

So with allllllllll of that said, here is my planner layout from last week: 

Laura xx 

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