Sunday, November 22, 2015

green nacho salad recipe

As promised on Facebook yesterday, here is the recipe for green nacho salad (which I called green taco salad by mistake). 

- 1 cup shredded salad greens (cos lettuce, iceberg, whatever) 
- third of a cup of chopped parsley
- 100gm canned black beans
- 3 tablespoons jarred salsa
- 3 tablespoons Chobani 0% Greek yoghurt 

Basically, you just layer the ingredients in order. You can vary the ingredients and quantities to suit. 

Because of the parsley and beans, this dish is high in protein and iron. It's also low calorie yet super filling and tasty. It's quick to throw together with leftovers and staples and is a great alternative when, due to laziness or cravings, I feel like reaching for junk food. 

Lettuce doesn't offer much nutritional punch so you might like to replace or supplement it with these ideas; 

Other ideas for salad greens: kale, cucumber, spring onion, different kinds of lettuce, finely chopped raw broccoli, blanched runner beans, snow peas. 

In addition to the parsley, you could also add any other herbs or superfoods. I hate coriander but it would be an obvious match for Mexican flavours. You could easily slip in some amaranth (a great plant protein source), chia or stir some spirulina into the salsa. 

And speaking of salsa, if the high-salt processed kind bothers you, you could always make your own. You could also add corn kernels, avocado, whatever takes your fancy. 

As made above, this dish was only 200kcal, around 15gm protein and contained half my daily iron requirements. I know it's not pretty but you can't believe how tasty and filling it is until you try it! So I hope you'll give it a go. 


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