Saturday, November 28, 2015

Fashion Friday: playgroup

I'm definitely no style icon, and despite being an avid follower of fashion as a teen (I remember causing an uproar in year 9 because I had my latest copy of UK mag 'Clothes show' in my school bag and the cover image was a girl in a Dolce&Gabbana see-through blouse. Nips and all) I just really don't have the same passion now. 

But I still find it really interesting to see what other people wear, and to get ideas for things I can wear. I still like to have fun with my clothes, I just don't like expense or effort ;o)

So this is what I wore to playgroup at church on Wednesday. 

Baby N has been going since he was 3wks old and he absolutely loves it. I adore the ladies who go and it's a chance for me to relax and socialise! Sometimes we have to cut it really short due to work, or we arrive late but we still make every effort to go. 

Here's the view from the back. It's not the most flattering thing for my figure, but I wasn't out to impress anyone. Wednesday was quite hot, although the church has some really powerful fans. I find an open-weave or crochet jumper is a good way to basically wear a singlet yet still be covered up (more power to you if you're happy to let your bingo wings free, I'm not).

Here we are, about to leave. I wore some super comfy stretch jeans from Target and some funky red ballet flats, also from Target. The little pop of colour adds fun to an otherwise fairly plain outfit. My wardrobe tends to rely heavily on beige/black combos (even my nappy bag, haha) 

Another shot of the shoes. And this is why I wear jeans to playgroup, even on hot days. I spend hours sitting on the floor and playing with the babies. 






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