Friday, October 30, 2015

Pretty Mug Swap

Hello friends!

Today is a busy day, I have to return some numbers to my accountant (luckily she's a patient lady! lol), pick up the new work uniforms for our employees, take my middle child to the dentist and do more paper filing than I like to think about. But today has been a very good day for several reasons. Firstly because I forgot to check my PO Box for 2 weeks and when I went there was a parcel waiting for me from the Bizzy Dayz Pretty Mug Swap!

Isn't she a beauty? There were also some beautiful T2 teas included. Thanks so much, Kendall!

I am *so* looking forward to sitting down a little later with a big cup of tea in this mug, and a slice of birthday cake.

Birthday cake?

Thanks Google! ;o) That's the other reason that today is a good day!! Lots of cuddles from my babies, family&friends visiting and checking in. Love it!!

Take care,

Laura xx


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