Wednesday, September 23, 2015


I nearly had the fright of my life on the weekend! 

The children and I had just been to a little friend's 3rd birthday party and were heading home. I was putting the pram into the back of the car when I heard something bounding up behind me!! A kangaroo had come halfway between that big tree and me, before turning around and jumping back down into the scrub. 

Adult male kangaroos can and will disembowel you if they feel threatened so  it was a little scary. Luckily it was just a mama kangaroo and an almost-adult/teenager. I think I was parked where they normally exit the scrub because after coming towards and away from me a few more times, the mama finally bounced up the other side of the tree and bounded down the road and around the corner. 

The teenager soon followed suit 

People have some funny ideas about Australia; that we ride kangaroos, have pet koalas and everything tries to kill us. Although there are heaps of kangaroos and we never have to go too far to see evidence of them, it's very unusual to see them out in the daytime, especially on semi-suburban streets, bounding along under a street sign! 

If I didn't have the photos, I'd think I had imagined it ;o) 

Laura xx 

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