Monday, August 17, 2015

Week 33/52

Okay, so I'm getting there with the linky set-up. We should be good to go next Monday (ie a week from now). 

Week 3 was certainly one heck of a week! More hospital appointments for me, almost had a car accident on the way back from the hospital (a lady pushed her trolley onto the road in front of me, I slammed on the brakes and missed the trolley but then worried that I had given Baby N whiplash), staffing changes at work, a pupil-free day, parent-teacher interviews, my Mum leaving for her Europe&USA trip, illness and hubby setting the kitchen on fire (a silicone baking mat caught on fire and when he tried to throw it in the sink to douse it, he set a tea towel on fire too!) 

Oh and I found out I have to lose 9kg before my surgery. 

And I'm on a waiting list so I'm not sure when that is. 

And I have more than 9kg to lose anyway. 

So on Sunday evening I went to my first Konga class. Konga is one of the classes in the 'Jungle Body' fitness..... thing?  It's a dance-based class, pretty similar to Zumba really, heaps of fun! They're run all over the world and there's other classes- Vypa is one. I can't remember the rest. Anyway, it was fun and I sure burned a few calories. Here's my sweaty, victorious post-class selfie! 

As always, please leave a comment and tell me about your week or post a link to your weekly recap blog post. 

xx Laura 


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