Saturday, August 8, 2015

Fashion Friday - Wet & Windy

No, you're not seeing things. Yes, it is Saturday. We'll just call this the Saturday edition of Fashion Friday :o) It's not like my OOTD are ever particularly fashion-focused anyway. 

Perth has more than its fair share of mild, sunny days in winter but today is dark, wet & windy. There was even a huge crack of thunder earlier. 

It's the perfect weather for staying home in PJs but I needed to take Baby N and Miss A to the doctor this morning. So we were all up and dressed and bundled into the car first thing. 

I bought this coat on clearance from Big W last year. It's a Chrissie Swan for Avella  coat and I don't *love* it but it was cheap, it's warm and it co-ordinates with the multitude of black clothes in my wardrobe. Besides which, there's not often much need for a coat in Perth. 

I wore it with an oversized black, long-sleeved tunic top, black leggings and my black boots from Torrid. Ignore my weird foot positioning, they're flat heeled, lol. 

Hope it's cheerier weather wherever you are! 

xx Laura 


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