Friday, August 21, 2015

Fashion Friday- pop of purple

Hi folks, 

Another miserable, wet day here in Perth. We had Baby N's appointment with the child health nurse this morning and I had to cover him with a blanket to dash from the carpark to the health centre which made me think of Michael Jackson's kids. You'd think with all that money and all those connections, he would have come up with a better way of keeping their identities secret.... 

Anyway, this is an outfit I wore earlier in the week when it wasn't quite so cold! I like to wear skirts when it's wet because all my pants are long and they get damp walking across the grass at school or at home and then my legs are damp all day. The necklace is from Ashloc Designs and the hairstyle is a ponytail, not a mullet which is kind of how it looks in this photo, haha! 

I'm hoping the weather clears up a bit this weekend because we have an outdoor play date plus I have Konga in the park again. But if it rains, we'll manage. :) 

xx Laura 


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