Thursday, July 23, 2015


Life with a newborn can be challenging, between the sleep deprivation, the constant feeding/changing/holding and the shift in family dynamics. 

I have to say, though, I think we've handled it all pretty well. Hubby hired a temporary replacement for himself at work so he's been here to help out and the girls have been on school holidays so although there have still been work tasks and employees to meet at 7:30 each morning, our days have been fairly relaxed and unstructured. 

But then there was Monday. 

I came down with a cough and laryngitis Sunday evening so I was feeling rotten. Baby N decided to give up his 4hr sleeps. One of the guys didn't turn up for work and had his phone turned off so at 7:35am hubby had to throw on his work shirt and go to work. It was the girls first day back at school, so I had to get them ready and do school drop off on my own. And then the washing machine broke!!! With most of baby N's size 0000 clothes inside!! Argh! 

Somehow we managed the school drop off and then I got to use a laundromat for the first time in eleventy billion years. 

It's actually quite charming in its own way, don't you think? 

By some miracle I actually had the right quantity and denomination of coins! Hurrah! And the laundromat supplies the washing powder. So it really wasn't so bad. 

Sadly I haven't been able to fix my washing machine, which is older than my children, so now I get to spend my hard-earned cash on a new machine. And Baby N is still relishing cat naps. And constant feeding. But if we can get through this week, we can easily get through the weeks ahead, right? 



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