Saturday, June 20, 2015

Pregnancy app: Glow Nurture

This is my third pregnancy (yep, still pregnant) and I tend to have fairly easy, comfortable pregnancies so I didn't rush out and buy or borrow any books this time. In fact, I forgot to pull out the baby books I already own until three days ago! But one thing that I *have* used to help me through this pregnancy is the Glow Nurture app and I can't recommend it enough. It's free on the Apple App Store and is so comprehensive. 

You fill out your profile and the app creates a bunch of articles, reminders and to-do lists for you daily. 

You can track your health info (weight, blood pressure etc), add reminders for appointments, create a time-lapse photo slideshow, chat to other expectant mothers on the forums and get a daily update of your baby's age, size and length. 

None of it feels like a chore and you can skip over whatever you don't feel like using. For example there's a daily log that  asks you about your weight, pregnancy symptoms etc so that you can refer to it during antenatal appointments. I started out filling this in but then decided not to, since I'm generally pretty comfortable in pregnancy and don't have any aches or quirks to record. 

I prefer to use the app to remember how far along I am (brain like a sieve), to see bub's approx size and to check out the articles which are updated relative to your gestation (there's different ones relating to your body at X weeks, baby at X weeks and reminders for X weeks) 

Glow also has an ovulation tracker but no app for after birth, like 'what to expect' and other pregnancy app developers, which is a real shame. I'd be quite interested in trying out an eat/sleep/change type app and/or one recording baby's weight and growth and I think that the people at Glow have a good grasp on what makes an app useful and user-friendly. Still, it has been very helpful for during pregnancy and I'm sure the old hair-lackey-on-the-wrist still works well for tracking breastfeeding, haha! 


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