Saturday, April 11, 2015

30 weeks

I did a little disappearing act for a while there!! 

I had the best intentions of running the 'my week' linky regularly and blogging regularly but then life threw me a curve ball. 

For almost the past 12 months I've been plagued by unexplained health issues. They only occurred periodically but without any warning so the time between episodes was spent worrying about the next episode. And what it all meant. 

It grew worse and I became convinced I had ovarian cancer. My doctor had a range of possible causes and for basically all of them, the treatment required me becoming infertile. We had always planned on having another child this year (with our youngest starting fulltime school) so that was an idea that needed some getting used to. Actually, it was pretty devastating.

Of course, suspicions are nothing, we needed answers so my doctor referred me to a major women's specialist hospital here for scans and assessment. Unfortunately it's a busy hospital and the earliest appointment I could get was eight weeks away. Eight weeks. May as well have been a lifetime. I felt so helpless and cried myself to sleep in my husband's arms more than once. 

Well, I had the scans and my guess wasn't far off. They're not cancerous but I do have plum-sized benign tumours on each of my ovaries. I'll have surgery on them later this year. 

But first, I need to meet someone special: 

Yup, hidden by all the other stuff going on was this little guy. Miraculously unaffected and perfectly healthy. I can't begin to describe how lucky I feel. So the last few months have been spent getting my head around everything and then preparing for his arrival. Because a lot of my symptoms are still unexplained, and because of the tumours, I have to have scans every few weeks on top of my normal antenatal appointments. I grabbed my Kikki-K planner the other day to start putting them all in, and I realised the bookmark was still on the date of my big scan- February 19th. 

So that's my big news. I'll leave you with some pics of my 30wk bump: 

Laura xx


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