Monday, August 18, 2014

Feeling good

I'm feeling good today.

The past three months have passed in a blur of end-of-financial-year stuff (plus quarterly BAS, superannuation payments etc), staffing changes, school holidays and winter illness (it caught everyone in the family). There's been good stuff too! Lots of playground trips, my newest nephew being born, fun work functions, date nights, family gatherings, girls nights. But good or bad, frankly the pace has left me feeling wiped out.

A few months ago we implemented a change at work which means I don't have to work Monday nights anymore. Monday is the night that the girls have their dancing classes (different sessions) and while dancing is something we couldn't even consider while I was working in the city and the girls were in after school care, it was still no picnic trying to get the first part of my work finished before we had to leave for dancing and then finishing the rest (mainly phonecalls) in a noisy rec centre cafe while keeping the other child entertained.

Now Monday evenings are something that I look forward to. No matter how hectic the rest of my week might get, I know that I have two hours to do almost nothing. We practise spelling, read books, I can have a coffee, browse Pinterest, read blogs, and write in my blog. Guilt free!

Tonight as we crossed the rec centre carpark a torrential downpour started. We ran but it was too late, we were already soaked! We still had ten minutes until the first class started so we spent some time in the bathroom, drying off under the hand dryers. 

I'm not saying it was something that made my day, but it made me laugh! And that's something that I always want to have time for!