Monday, January 27, 2014

Toilet training tip

Okay, so in addition to my last post another thing that has been going on around here is night-time toilet training. We've been using some cheap plastic sheet protectors from Big W to protect the mattress and my best tip for night time toilet training (besides 'wait til they're ready' and 'get ready to lose sleep- and possibly your cool') is to double-make the bed. If that didn't make sense- here are some pics.

Here is the bed with the plastic protector underneath. 

But look- underneath the protector is another sheet!

And under that sheet- another protector!

This is really the best way to make the bed. If a night-time accident occurs I can rip the top sheet+protector layer off and the bed is instantly made underneath. And the fewer beds I have to make at 3am, the better, I always say! 


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