Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sunday School. Lesson 1

My girls are growing up too quickly. I'd love to be able to freeze this moment in time and revisit it whenever I like, especially when they're teenagers and causing me to tear my hair out! I could revisit this day and marvel at their chubby cheeks, gap-toothed smile, the way they fit into my lap for a cuddle. 

But even now, even today, my girls are growing up. They're bigger, bolder, taller than they were yesterday. Or the day before that. They're becoming more independent, more quick to help around the home. This, of course, is a kind of blessing and a kind of curse. 

Gradually, over the last few months, the girls have taken over more and more of the breakfast routine, which on school days it's usually toast. Initially, I would take the hot toast out of the toaster and Bella would just put the spreads on, cut it, plate it and serve it. Now, though, I simply plug the toaster in and Bella does the rest, with Ashley usually doing her own spreads. 

I thought I was so smart. 

I thought I was saving precious time as well as teaching valuable skills when I let them make breakfast while I got dressed. Now I've realised that cutting corners makes more work for me later. Like, for example, when Ashley made (untoasted) toast. On the floor. And I had to throw the butter out because it had so much jam and vegemite and peanut butter inside it that it was only 15% butter anyway. 

So, lesson learned: choose your shortcuts wisely. The girls are too young to do much on their own, it will only need fixing up afterwards. Which is fine, it's a part of parenting and growing up- but don't count on it to save you time, these things should be an investment of your time.

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