Thursday, January 9, 2014

Popsicle Memory Game from EatDrinkChic

It's funny how sometimes the cheapest things are the ones that keep us the most entertained. You only need to look at Pinterest to see how grown women go ga-ga over a good free printable and with good reason when it keeps the kids amused like this one from Eat Drink Chic


This is the third summer we've played with the memory game and it has held up so well. Not only do we use it for Memory, we use it for playing shops, for playing chefs and for playing babies (apparently babies must be taken on endless train trips and fed endless icy treats). 

I made it hurriedly out of craftsticks we already had at home and some stickytape. I made it a little differently than Amy suggests- I taped the craftsticks to the inside of one side of the popstick and then folded it over and sealed the side opening with a small piece of stickytape. They fit inside a regular sized sandwich bag for storage although they seem to be out of the bag more than they are in it! 

It would also be really fun to have the children make and decorate a set out of scrapbook paper and that's exactly what I plan to do once these ones finally bite the dust. It could be a while yet though...... 


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