Monday, January 6, 2014

My week 52/52

I fell behind on this project for a little bit, but here are my final few of weeks of 2013. There are no pretty pages, no washi, no stickers, no coloured pens- just one Frixion pen that I kept forgetting was eraseable =o\

It was an incredibly busy time and these pages don't even include things like my work 6 evenings a week which usually takes 2 or 3 hours per day (sometimes longer). Or the millions of emails, calls and faxes I sent/received, the filing I did, my shopping lists, problems that were solved, crises that were averted etc. Although I have included a little screenshot of my phone at the bottom that I think sums up my working day pretty well- at any given minute there might be THREE different people wanting my attention (not including little people).

 This week was a bit of a disaster! We were supposed to go out for lunch for our wedding anniversary but due to some things that came up, Matt had to work and we missed Ashley's daycare Christmas party. I also managed to miss Bella's class christmas party because of work and it just generally felt like there weren't enough hours in the day and everything was falling apart.

Oh and I was on tv on the Friday evening. =o) For a Chrisco segment on A Current Affair. I never get pimples, one of the few perks of hypothyroidism (the trade-off is super dry skin) but of course, I had one that day. And it bled for some unknown reason, right before a guy with a camera come up to me and instructs me to wave and say 'Merry Christmas'. Luckily (and unsurprisingly) that bit never made it in!! But we got a box full of goodies for our efforts.

 Boxing day was good- no plans!!! (We had plans but moved them). We slept in, watched dvds, played outside with the waterslide and paddling pool. It was fantastic! Received two faxes but no work calls!

 I stopped at December 31st because 2014 is in a different set of planner pages. I'll share more in another post.

Sometimes I feel like I'm going crazy or I must just be hopeless for not being able to get through my "to do" list but then images like the one above remind me that sometimes my days are incredibly busy and demanding and it's okay to not have it all together all the time. Those kind of thoughts don't get the dishes or laundry done, unfortunately, but they help me feel better about my efforts.

Next week I'll post about my 2014 set-up and my start to the year.

Laura xx


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