Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014 starts with a bang

I know it's a cliche but... wow, 2014 already! We had a really good Christmas and New Year. The period leading up to it was a nightmare, mind you, I thought I was going to lose my mind from stress but then Christmas turned up and the stress seemed to fade away. We saw all of the family on both sides, spent Christmas at my sister's house and hosted New Years at our house. The kids had a blast (below pic is of one of my two and two of my friend's three).

I'm not one for big New Years resolutions- if there's something that I want to change or focus on, I don't need to wait for a clock to strike midnight first. However, I love the way that a new year makes you stop and think about whether there's anything you want to address. If not, fine! But if there is and you've just been too caught up with life to stop and think up until now, well then that's fantastic.

I particularly love to work through Susannah Conway's workbooks at this time of year. This year is my third year of doing "unravelling the year ahead" (free download) and I can't get enough of it. The questions are gentle yet probing, they really get you thinking... and then dreaming... and then most importantly thinking (planning) again, otherwise how would anything eventuate? In fact, last year's workbook played a key role in my decision to leave my dayjob and work for our business fulltime. I already knew the answers to all of the questions that the situation threw at me because I had answered them in the workbook.

I've also started a journal for this year. A pen and paper journal. I already blog and do Project Life but this is a journal for me, for writing down the day to day and personal and for my children to perhaps look back over one day. For them to fill the blanks in their own stories. I looked at so many beautiful journals and I wanted them all but I finally settled on a boring, cheap exercise book where I won't be put off writing by 'ruining' the book.

So, as you can see, those are my resolutions for the blog this year. Prettttttty generic but accurate none-the-less. With regards to #4 and #5, do you have any suggestions for blogs to read? Perhaps your own or one you enjoy reading yourself? Leave me a link in the comments and I'll check them out! 

Happy New Year,
Laura x


  1. Oh yes I need to do the same :)


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