Tuesday, December 3, 2013

My week- mega picdump

November was a mega-busy month around here and on the rare occasion that I wasn't trying to do forty things at once, I didn't feel like writing or posting. I've been spending any down time relaxing or playing with the girls. I knew the blog would still be here when I was ready to write again. And here it is. As am I.

So to kick things back off, I have about six weeks of planner pages to share for the Paper Love Story "my week" roundup. These pages are generally nothing fancy, in keeping with the minimal amount of free time I had. Oh and I've moved into my Kikki-K planner now, which I got with some birthday money. I know, I know, I can hardly believe I'm 22. Again. Eleventh year running.

Now, knowing my luck, these are probably all out of order, ha! Also, these pages might not look like the pages of a busy month but a lot of what keeps me busy is constant phonecalls and problem-solving which never makes it onto my pages. Plus on really busy days, I keep a running list in an A4 notebook so I can keep tabs on the constant demands and make copious notes on what has been decided or needs doing.

"Clean the desk" obviously doesn't make that list very often. =o/

Laura xx


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