Friday, October 18, 2013

My week 42/52

I'm taking part in PaperLovestory's weekly round-up once again. You can click on the badge in my lefthand sidebar if you'd like more information about how it works. 

Another simple layout for another busy week. We had two employees injured (one at work, one at home) which has made for a complicated week. I've also had my Mum in town, a kiddo return to school, a killer migraine and a bunch of paperwork to sort and file. Notice how my library books were due back Thursday but I didn't schedule a trip to the library until Saturday? That's because I hadn't finished watching the Big Love dvds I borrowed from the library! Teehee! I can't wait to show you this week's decorated pages, I did something a little bit more fun this time around! 

And I also had a play around with making blog graphics so I made this little infographic summary thingy. Words good with I am. 

Laura xx


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