Monday, October 14, 2013

My week 41/52 (and 40/52)

One of the obvious problems of having a blog about how busy you are is that sometimes you are too busy to blog. That has definitely been the case in the last week or so. We've been enjoying school holidays (as you would have seen from my last post), rearranging our home office set-up (condensing from three rooms to one, basically) and doing some major finishing touches on our house which has meant chasing down lots of quotes. We've also had family visiting from out of town and all the usual work 'stuff'.

So, long story short, I missed last Monday's 'my week' post so you get a two-for-one this week. Both of my planner layouts were quite simple this past fortnight.

Week 40- a lot of my plans/notes were on separate 'project' lists and not in my planner. 

Week 41- lost of little things to do and lots of socialising too, which was nice! 

Laura xx


  1. I really like your clean style of decorating. Use of colour and of course washi, with overpowering the content you need to see.

  2. Oops I meant without overpowering the content.

    1. Thanks so much for your kind comments. And that's okay I knew what you meant. ;o) Having a visually-appealing planner is important to me because it makes me more likely to use it but if decorating became something complicated and involved I think I'd be less likely to do it. Likewise if i started investing (well, wasting) lots of money on bits and pieces for decoration. Instead of feeling enthused, i'd feel guilty every time I sat down to plan out or refer to things in my planner which would make me avoid it, I think. But that's one of the things I love so much about the worldwide planner community, we've all found our own style and what works for us. It's rare that people can be united by something that varies so much.

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