Tuesday, October 22, 2013

DIY loveheart paperclips

So we all know that planner addiction can be an expensive addiction. I mean, there are soooo many cute little things you can buy. Some items might be cheap but the cost soon adds up. But who wants a boring planner? We want cute, right??
Have you seen these cute little loveheart paperclips from Kikki-K? $9.95 for a jar of 50. And these colourful paperclips from Officeworks are nice and cheerful… and cheap at only $6.98 for this whole box.  But they lack the ‘cute’ factor.

Would you like to learn how to turn an ordinary paperclip into a cute-but-still-functional loveheart paperclip?
Start with an ordinary paperclip. This is a 33mm one, so quite a large paperclip. Identify the long, straight edge (seen at the top of this paperclip).
Bend the paperclip in half along that straight edge.
Next, make sure you have embarrassing chipped nailpolish for all the interwebz to see.
Squeeze the ‘short’ edges flat against the long edge.
Adjust into a nice loveheart-y shape.
Flip upside down and use! The paperclip needs to sit at just the right height to look like a heart. If it’s too high or low, it won’t look ‘right’ but it will still function as a paperclip!
 Laura xx
For those wondering, the cute spring notecard is from a set produced by Bianca of A Little Delightful and is available as a free printable from Lovely Living here.


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