Tuesday, December 3, 2013

My week- mega picdump

November was a mega-busy month around here and on the rare occasion that I wasn't trying to do forty things at once, I didn't feel like writing or posting. I've been spending any down time relaxing or playing with the girls. I knew the blog would still be here when I was ready to write again. And here it is. As am I.

So to kick things back off, I have about six weeks of planner pages to share for the Paper Love Story "my week" roundup. These pages are generally nothing fancy, in keeping with the minimal amount of free time I had. Oh and I've moved into my Kikki-K planner now, which I got with some birthday money. I know, I know, I can hardly believe I'm 22. Again. Eleventh year running.

Now, knowing my luck, these are probably all out of order, ha! Also, these pages might not look like the pages of a busy month but a lot of what keeps me busy is constant phonecalls and problem-solving which never makes it onto my pages. Plus on really busy days, I keep a running list in an A4 notebook so I can keep tabs on the constant demands and make copious notes on what has been decided or needs doing.

"Clean the desk" obviously doesn't make that list very often. =o/

Laura xx

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Five Free Weightloss apps

Following on from my post last week about my weightloss binder, today I'm sharing five of my favourite free apps. I'm a pen+paper kind of girl but sometimes technology really is the way to go! 

MyFitnessPal (MFP)
I use this great app to log my food, log my exercise and interact with other members. I usually pre-enter my foods for the day and then edit if anything changes. That way I can see how many calories I'll be eating and how many I need to expend and whether or not I can have that slice of birthday cake. It is incredibly easy to use, you can use the barcode scanner to add foods quickly and easily. The other thing I really love is that it also tracks things like water intake, protein, sugars etc. As a vegetarian this is extremely useful. The only problem is that sometimes foods entered by users only include the calories not the other nutritional information like sugar and protein. You can also use MyFitnessPal from your computer and access the great forums and start a diary. 

There are a lot of GPS-based running/walking apps but this is the one that I use. Basically you hit start, start to run or walk and it will tell you how far and how fast you went, and how many calories you have burned. It allows you to select a playlist to listen to (although I tend to listen to podcasts instead), and you can also access the website from a computer to set your own route. It also offers goal setting, training plans and a bunch of other stuff I never use. It also (once youve set it up) automatically sends your exercise data over to MFP. 

This app offers food and exercise logging but I prefer to use MFP for that because I find MFP more user-friendly and detailed in that regard. But the thing that SlimKicker absolutely ROCKS at is keeping you engaged and challenged. Basically, SlimKicker is like a game with challenges and then badges and  points to earn to go up to the next level. There are loads of challenges to choose from or you can create your own. The challenges are divided into categories: Nutrition, Emotional, Willpower, Fitness, Giveaways (actual prizes), User-Created. Some examples of challenges- The replace soda challenge, 10 wall squats a day, a salad a day, jog during commercials, electronics curfew. Best of all, you can add your friends and compete against them! 

This is the app version of a running program that has been around for years (I remember it from before I had my eldest child). It's really easy and convenient and helps give a bit of focus to your usual jog. 

Skimble Workouts
This is a huge database of workouts- some free, some paid and some created by members. You need to use your discretion with the user-created workouts and the forums can be a bit of a meatmarket but the actual workouts are great with visual instructions and timers. Skimble also lets you find workout buddies nearby. 

Friday, October 25, 2013

My weightloss binder

Summer is fast approaching here in Australia. You can tell because flies have started to reappear, as have all of the weightloss ads on tv. I started my (self-devised) weightloss program about eight months ago and while there have been ups and downs, it's mostly working. I'm not going to share my weightloss program with you today as that is something specific to me and my health needs (in particular the challenges of losing weight while having Hashimoto's Disease) but I thought I'd show you my weightloss binder. It keeps me organised and inspired, both of which are important for long-term weightloss.

The binder itself is just a regular A4 2-ring insert binder which I have prettied-up with scrapbooking paper. In the front and back pockets I have an outline of the program and shopping lists (current and old) and also a sheet with my measurements and markers (how fast I can run 1km, how many pushups I can do, heartrate, how long I'm out of breath etc). The first section of my binder is a bunch of blank weekly plans. I plan out my meals and exercise in these. Old ones go to the back of the pile.

Then I have five dividers labelled Breakfast; Lunch; Dinner; Snacks/Desserts; Fitness/Exercise. These contain ideas, inspiration, printouts etc that I use to create my weekly plan.

Some of the meal ideas I have used: iVillageweightlossresources.co.uk, Lite'n'easy

Some of the exercise information I have included comes from: Coles SimplyLess, Shape Magazine, C25k, Hundred Pushups, and I also have a list of youtube videos that I like. I have pages and pages of info on stretches!! 

I track my weight on the wiifit and log food/exercise on MyFitnessPal

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

DIY loveheart paperclips

So we all know that planner addiction can be an expensive addiction. I mean, there are soooo many cute little things you can buy. Some items might be cheap but the cost soon adds up. But who wants a boring planner? We want cute, right??
Have you seen these cute little loveheart paperclips from Kikki-K? $9.95 for a jar of 50. And these colourful paperclips from Officeworks are nice and cheerful… and cheap at only $6.98 for this whole box.  But they lack the ‘cute’ factor.

Would you like to learn how to turn an ordinary paperclip into a cute-but-still-functional loveheart paperclip?
Start with an ordinary paperclip. This is a 33mm one, so quite a large paperclip. Identify the long, straight edge (seen at the top of this paperclip).
Bend the paperclip in half along that straight edge.
Next, make sure you have embarrassing chipped nailpolish for all the interwebz to see.
Squeeze the ‘short’ edges flat against the long edge.
Adjust into a nice loveheart-y shape.
Flip upside down and use! The paperclip needs to sit at just the right height to look like a heart. If it’s too high or low, it won’t look ‘right’ but it will still function as a paperclip!
 Laura xx
For those wondering, the cute spring notecard is from a set produced by Bianca of A Little Delightful and is available as a free printable from Lovely Living here.

Friday, October 18, 2013

My week 42/52

I'm taking part in PaperLovestory's weekly round-up once again. You can click on the badge in my lefthand sidebar if you'd like more information about how it works. 

Another simple layout for another busy week. We had two employees injured (one at work, one at home) which has made for a complicated week. I've also had my Mum in town, a kiddo return to school, a killer migraine and a bunch of paperwork to sort and file. Notice how my library books were due back Thursday but I didn't schedule a trip to the library until Saturday? That's because I hadn't finished watching the Big Love dvds I borrowed from the library! Teehee! I can't wait to show you this week's decorated pages, I did something a little bit more fun this time around! 

And I also had a play around with making blog graphics so I made this little infographic summary thingy. Words good with I am. 

Laura xx

VIB Award

Now for something a little different.

Last week Carie received the V.I.B (very inspiring blogger) award on her blog and one of the people that she passed it onto was me! I feel like I have a lot in common with Carie, she's a work-at-home mother AND a short wife to a tall husband. But it was still interesting to learn more about her from the seven facts she posted about herself. So now it's my turn- I have to post seven facts about myself and then choose some bloggers that I find inspiring to pass the award on to.

Seven Things About Me:

  • It's a miracle I'm alive at all. I started life as an ectopic pregnancy and somehow moved down on my own before I could be surgically removed.
  • I love Bollywood movies! In my university days I didn't have class on Tuesdays so I would go to the midday session at the movies and watch a new release Bollywood film. I'd take a pillow, small blanket and snacks. The movies go for around 3hrs (with intermission) and the cinema was almost empty meaning I could spread out across the seats so it was excellent value for a cheaper-tuesday student ticket (I think around $5)
  • I didn't get my drivers licence until I was in my late twenties. I still don't have a manual license. But I learned to drive a forklift (for work) before I even had a car license! 
  • I have a star tattoo behind my right ear. The tattoo parlour refused to tattoo my head (especially for a first tattoo) and I had to go and see the owner and convince him that I really wanted it and wouldn't regret it. I've had it for  six years so far and never regretted it for a minute. It feels like it was meant to be there. 
  • When I was a teenager, I tried to get my tongue pierced twice and both times things happened that prevented it going ahead (like the piercer coming off his motorbike on the way in to the piercing place). So I took that as an omen and didn't try for a third time. 
  • I love to read and when I'm pregnant I crave books. Not to eat, haha, just to read. I'll read a novel or two a night when I'm pregnant. 
  • I don't like coriander or mango. They both taste vile to me. Coriander tastes like soap and mango tastes like what raw chicken smells like. I've tried to like them but I just can't! 

And some blogs that I find inspiring (mainly because they are all chasing their dreams):
Sonia @ Life, Love & Hiccups
Claire @ Claire Ever After
Cherie @ Raising Master Max
Peggy @ Cake Crumbs & Beach Sand
Jodie @ Journey To Contentment
Deb @ Home Life Simplified

I could have posted these earlier in the week but decided to hold off until Friday so that you can peruse these blogs at your leisure over the weekend.

Laura xx

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Keeping small children entertained while you are on the phone

There are a lot of benefits to working from home with small children- many, many benefits. But there are some drawbacks too- in particular the fact that children will insist on acting like, well, children while you are attempting to act like a professional.

We now have a dedicated home office and I try not to spend too much time in there during the day but obviously I need to for periods throughout the day. Sometimes Ashley will be in there with me 'helping' me. Sometimes she's off riding her bike, watching a dvd, eating lunch, playing with her dolls etc. But sometimes she's right under my feet and I'm trying to make/receive important phonecalls.

Most of our clients know that I work from home with young children. And "sorry, that was my three year old in the background" is explanation enough for the odd noise here and there. But for the days when it's less of "an odd noise here and there" and more of "a cacophony of odd noises plus an inexplicable urge to fiddle with things and climb on things and touch my eye" I have a secret stash of toddler activities in my office. 

Some people call these kinds of activities "busy bags". They are generally small, simple, open-ended play experiences. Ones that don't require instruction from me, that can be enjoyed over and over (ie the resources don't get used up) and preferably have a somewhat educational component (ie sorting by colour, shape, size, number; recognising letters of the alphabet; sequencing; play food; etc). Because they don't use up resources they are a bit different to some of the activity packs I have set up in our home (things like crafts for the girls; crayons&notebook; etc)

I've decided to expand my stash and in have also decided that since I'm doing that, I need to organise them a little better so I'll be sharing some more about my busybags and organisation in the coming weeks. I'll also share some of the pre-prepared activity packs I have.

In the meantime, Pinterest (as always) is a great resource for busybag activities if you're looking for something similar to use in your own home.

Laura xx

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

WAHM lunchboxes

School started back yesterday and so I'm back into the routine of making lunches. I thought I'd share a little tip with my fellow work-at-home mothers (or just stressed stay-at-home mothers)- make YOUR lunch in the morning too!

My lunch on the left, Ashley's on the right 
Honestly, I can't tell you the number of times that I started making dinner and realised that all I'd eaten all day was three LCMs. Or how many times I was in the middle of something and feeling really productive but had to stop to make Ashley some lunch or a snack.

My lunch: cheese&pickle sandwich, hummus, corn cruskits, grape tomatoes. Ashley's lunch: cheese&vegemite sandwich, mini biscuits, golden delicious apple, cherry tomatoes and crackers. 

When you think about it, it really makes so much sense. I don't know why it took me so long (about six months) to start doing it. Maybe I was still stuck in the fantasy that I'd have so much more time on my hands to be so much more productive while working at home. I probably thought I'd mill my own organic wheat into my own organic flour and bake it into beautiful organic wholemeal baguettes and top it with organic lettuce, tomatoes, carrots and homemade mayo while my work waited patiently to be done and my three year old quietly taught herself to read in the corner so that the floor could mop itself.

Whatever the fantasy was, the reality is that most days I don't want to stop multiple times (and always in the middle of something important!) to make snacks and lunch. Most days, if I hadn't pre-made lunch, I'd probably stop and grab a sausage roll on the way out of the shopping centre or maybe just not eat at all. And while I always include fruit and veg in my girls lunches and always have that intention for my own lunch, it never really happened- until I started portioning out fruit and salad and putting it onto a lunchbox for me. Approaching my lunch the same way I approach lunch for my girls can only be a good thing, right?

Here are the benefits as I see them:

  • It's much quicker and there is less cleaning up
  • I'm more likely to make healthier choices
  • Ashley can help herself to healthy snacks (instead of dragging a chair over and raiding the pantry every 40 minutes)
  • I'm less likely to skip my lunch 
  • Portion control!
  • It's good practice for Ashley who is at school next year
  • No excuse not to grab our lunch boxes and head outside for an impromptu picnic
  • Less wastage- if Bella has half a serve of something for lunch, the rest goes into our lunch, ditto with leftovers
  • The lunchboxes sit flat all day so I can do cute bento-inpsired lunches and they won't look like a tossed salad by the time we eat them!

These lunch boxes are Sistema Klip-it 2L lunch boxes and they were around $5 each. I'm a Decor girl at heart (with Tupperware a close second) but I couldn't find anything else that I loved. These have room for a sandwich+snacks or pasta+snacks or salad+snacks, are large enough that I can place smaller containers in the sections but small enough to fit nicely into our fridge (or my bag). We also have a drink bottle each in the fridge.

Do you pre-make your lunch if you're at home or do you like it super-fresh? Do you have any inspiring lunch-related pinterest boards? Leave me a link below!

Laura xx

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

My Project Life Station

*smacks hand* Bad Blogger!

I left a cryptic clue a week or so back about my amazing purchase then forgot to post about it. My amazing find was a desk organiser from Homeart for just $19.99! I ended up buying three because they're just so cheap and so versatile. You can find them on the Homeart website here and see if your local store has any stock.

This is how I have used one of them. It's pic-heavy so I'll save the others for another day. I had to remove the hinged shelf from the back of the organiser and now it holds nearly everything I need (except album/sleeves) to complete a Project Life layout. At a squeeze, this unit could hold two core kits but I just have one core kit, some plain 3x4 cards and some I've made myself (from trimming free printables or regular scrapbooking paper).

I covered this clipboard myself to hold my layout planner pages. It's really handy for noting which pics will go where before you even start to edit and print your pics. You can write the photos file name in the grid (ie IMG0245) or a brief description. And you can even scribble down journalling, quotes etc that you want to remember. I can't remember where I found the printable, I printed them en masse about a year ago and there's nothing on the actual page. If you know who made them, please let me know!

I sort, print, trim and (re) sort my pics then keep them stored by month or page in these little photo storage pockets. Then when I have time to sit down and work on my Project Life album, everything is ready to go and I can enjoy the process. 

I keep some flair items in the little section and my Project Life pens in the drawer. You can see that this organiser can hold a LOT of cards. There's still room to store a lot more 3x4 cards next to the 4x6 if I wanted to.

Some people have had some bad luck with these pens (arriving already dried out) but I've had no problems so far with mine, I love them.

How do you store your Project Life bits and pieces? I'd love to see! Leave me a link or description below.

Laura xx

Monday, October 14, 2013

My week 41/52 (and 40/52)

One of the obvious problems of having a blog about how busy you are is that sometimes you are too busy to blog. That has definitely been the case in the last week or so. We've been enjoying school holidays (as you would have seen from my last post), rearranging our home office set-up (condensing from three rooms to one, basically) and doing some major finishing touches on our house which has meant chasing down lots of quotes. We've also had family visiting from out of town and all the usual work 'stuff'.

So, long story short, I missed last Monday's 'my week' post so you get a two-for-one this week. Both of my planner layouts were quite simple this past fortnight.

Week 40- a lot of my plans/notes were on separate 'project' lists and not in my planner. 

Week 41- lost of little things to do and lots of socialising too, which was nice! 

Laura xx

Saturday, October 12, 2013

School holiday "to do" list (and free printable)

I blinked and it was October. Seriously.

I really don't like the year passing this quickly, not least of all because it's only a few weeks until I turn twenty-four.... for the 9th time. The school holidays crept up on me too. A day or so before they started I started a list with Bella. We normally do this well in advance of the holidays and usually have a list for places to go and a list for things to do (at home). This time, under pressure of time, I printed off these super cute "to do" lists from Angela at Hello Cuteness. I'll leave you the link and details at the bottom of the post.

I trimmed the pages and my girls coloured them in (the printable is coloured but I printed on a black-and-white printer). 

Because the three lists are printed flush against each other there was no room for a margin to hole punch and I didnt want to ruin the checklist so I paperclipped the lists to the front of a divider. These means I can easily flip through the pages of the list. These pics were taken immediately after I had assembled it so the list isn't very full and nothing has been ticked off. 

A ribbon-topped paperclip not only keeps the lists in place, it allows me to locate the lists quickly in my Filofax. And yes, those are Project Life cards in the background, I'm hoping I can incorporate these completed lists into PL somehow but I'm not sure how to do it. If you have any ideas, please let me know!!

Okay and now for the printables:

Aren't they stunning? I'm not going to post the direct link to these because I want you to see the other beautiful, free printables Angela has on offer. The ones above are in the "to do" list section which is towards the bottom. Click the link below to print your own. 

Laura xx

Monday, September 30, 2013

My week 39/52

I used:

You will have already seen this week's layout from my video on my planner set-up but here it is without wobble-vision! The big events this week were the AFL Grand Final and the start of the school holidays! It's also a long weekend here in WA so I've posted this early and scheduled it for Monday- sneaky sneaky! lol 

Laura xx 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

My planner set up- September 2013

Yesterday morning, after school drop-off, I sat down to look at my Filofax and my things to do for the day. It's something I do nearly every day except that yesterday I decided to make a little video to explain my current set-up. It's not a very polished video as I literally decided on a whim to make it and filmed it on my iPhone then and there. But if you can get past my Aussie accent and my umms and ahhs you can see how I use my Filofax.

So there we go,my first ever planner video, I hope you liked it.Obviously I lied at the start of the video when I said it was a little vid- it actually runs over 5mins. Meep! And a small confession- having my voice out there on the internet makes me feel realllllly awkward and self-conscious. Its like leaving a very public answering machine message, haha!

Laura xx

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The easiest way to a sparkling fridge

I like to think that I have a pretty good housework routine but it's nothing compared to when I was working outside the home. I would normally do grocery shopping on a Saturday morning and so I would clean the fridge early on a Saturday morning (or even on a Friday night if I was feeling particularly saintly) so that it was the emptiest it would be all week and so that all the fresh food would go into a sparkly clean fridge. Needless to say, I had better things to do than spend all Saturday cleaning and shopping so over time I developed a routine where I could get the whole fridge cleaned in around 20mins with a minimum of mess to clean up afterwards and I still follow that routine now, although I tend to grocery-shop more frequently so my fridge isn't usually very empty when I clean it.

First of all, I run a shallow bath (yes, bath!) of hot soapy water with a few drops of eucalyptus oil.

While the bath is filling, I sort through all the food and throw away the soft carrots, limp lettuce, expired sauce etc. I also empty the Tupperware Fridgesmart containers so they can have a wash. Anything that’s staying goes in a basket (this also is the perfect opportunity to wipe over sticky sauce bottles etc with some damp paper towel). I quickly remove all the shelves, trays, drawers etc and give the fridge interior a bit of a spray with a cleaning mixture (Spray&Wipe or similar) but don't wipe it off, put the basket of food in the fridge and close the door so it can stay cool. I don't keep magnets on the freezer door (because you can see them from the living and dining rooms) but i do have some on the fridge door so I move them around to the side of the fridge. 

Then back into the bathroom to put all the drawers etc in there and give them a quick wash, removing them once clean. The extra space in the bath means I don't splash water all over myself and the floor and the shelves have a chance to submerge and soak. So much quicker than doing them one at a time in the kitchen sink.

Then you can either rinse each individually or refill the bath with fresh water and rinse them in the tub, which is what I do. I pull the plug and let them drain while I go back to the fridge.

I wipe over the interior of the fridge, the seals and the outside.

Then I give the shelves etc a quick dry with a teatowel and put them back in, then unpack all of the food out of the basket.

Here's the processed summarised:
1. Bathroom: Run a bath (put a few drops of detergent and eucy oil in first) (1min)
2. Kitchen: Empty fridge contents and spray inside with spray cleaner (5min)
3. Bathroom: Turn off bath tap, dunk shelves etc and give a good wipeover. (5min)
4. Bathroom: Pull plug, refill with fresh rinse water (2 min)
5. Kitchen: wipe over inside and outside of fridge (2 min)
6: Bathroom: turn off tap, wipe shelves dry(ish) (5min)
7: Kitchen: pop shelves back in (1min)

Also, I've been asked this before so I thought I should clarify- I don't 'bath' my fridge every Saturday morning. When I was working outside the home I tried to do it every Saturday as it would be at least a week before I could do it again. Working from home I tend to think "eh! I can always do it tomorrow" but either way, it isn't/wasn't EVERY Saturday, probably every 2-3 weeks and the weeks inbetween get emptied out and a wipe-over. 

Laura xx

Monday, September 23, 2013

My week 38/52

I've decided to join in with PaperLovestory's weekly round up of planner pages so every Monday (or thereabouts) I'll be posting a pic of my Filofax for the week-just-gone and I'll probably but Project Life layouts in these posts too.

  • washi tape (local discount store)
  • loveheart paperclip (DIY)
  • pink stickynote (officeworks)

Week 38 turned out to be a pretty eventful week! Just for school we had a bookweek parade, a teacher strike and an art exhibition all in three days! The teacher strike happened to fall on Ashley's daycare day so Bella and I got to spend the day together. We caught a train into the city and went to the art gallery, museum, had Ben&Jerry's, went to Morning Glory (she came out with quite the Hello Kitty haul!), got caught up in a fire evacuation and ran into one of her school buddies. I kept her home Friday then Saturday we went shopping, went to a 1st birthday party then home to watch the Swans lose to the Dockers in the AFL Preliminary final.

And here's a little sneak peek of this week:

Next week I have to share my latest greatest purchase with you!! I bought them this week but have to finish setting them up first..... cryptic much? lol

Laura xx

Friday, September 20, 2013

First Aid Supplies

I only just realised that the school holidays are nearly upon us! Honestly, if it hadn't been for a tv ad about the Perth Royal Show next week (and me thinking 'weird, the show is normally on during school holidays' - LIGHTBULB!) I'd probably be dropping Bella off to an empty school.

As it happens, she is home sick today which will be a perfect opportunity for us to create our school holiday activity list which is a bit of a tradition for us. It's also a good chance for me to check and update our first aid supplies as we take them with us for quite a few school holiday outings and I thought I'd share what we keep in stock and how we organise it.

This here is our main first aid kit. It’s only little but holds a little of nearly everything we need for first aid. It’s also what I grab if we’re going out somewhere. I have a few bandaids in my handbag so I don’t take it grocery shopping, but use it for trips to parks, beaches etc. It’s stored in the laundry cupboard near the centre of the house so it's easily accessible and even the girls know where it is.

In addition to this first aid kit we have ‘bump buddies’ (cute cold packs) in the fridge, heatpacks and medicines on the top shelf of the pantry and a large first aid kit in a toolbox in our WIR (see below) which mainly holds multiples and bulk packs of the bandaids, bandages, gauze pads etc as well as Deepheat and physio dough for my husband.

This is the contents of my kit all laid out on the table. It fits in a surprising amount, doesn't it? I keep the bandaids, tweezers and Stingose towards the top so I don’t have to tip all of *this* out to get to our most often used supplies. 

Okay, looking at the contents a little more closely, starting with the top section. This is mainly bandaids in a variety of different sizes and shapes (my favourite are the little tiny toddler bandaids! So cute!). The Aqua-protect bandaids are not only useful for use in water- I find them really useful on blisters as the dressing is so large and thin so it doesnt tend to 'catch' and come off. And the 'knuckle' bandaids are genius. There's also crepe bandages (large and small) and some non-stick gauze pads. Obviously the bandage can be used for sprains and splints but it's also useful for holding the gauze pad in place on injuries too large for a bandaid to cover. 

Moving on to bottom left

Hand sanitizer gel and also wipes. These are handy if we're out and about somewhere. Hypoallergenic tape (holding dressings in place, splinting fingers) an eye wash cup (foreign object in eye), a selection of cotton buds for cleaning wounds and applying creams. They're not sterile, obviously. Thermo blanket- in case of extreme cold or shock.

Thermometer. It's a baby thermometer but works the same on adults ;o) Antiseptic cream. Stingose gel for insect bites. Pins (for holding bandages in place), tweezers (splinters and bee stings), a triangular bandage (slings) and a CPR shield that I carry on my keys at all times. 

Here it is all packed up again. Although this box is pretty full, it's not so full that things have to be packed in a certain way or they don't fit. You can probably see I've packed this in completely differently to how it was earlier.

Its important to remember that whatever items you keep on hand, the most useful and valuable thing is the knowledge to use them correctly. Now is a good time to brush up on your CPR and general first aid skills, especially as summer approaches and everyone starts to spend more time at the pool and beach. 

Laura xx