Tuesday, December 4, 2012

End of year class gifts

There are only two weeks to go until the end of the school year here in Western Australia which just seems completely impossible. I'm sure somebody has made a mistake and it's only July. 

But either way, Bella's end of year class party is coming up and people have already started handing out the christmas cards, candy canes and other favours at school and after-school care. 

I've probably mentioned it before but Bella has some classmates with some really serious allergies so food gift are usually a no-no. So this year we have made some little 'bubble' favours. 

Aren't they sweet and simple? Bella has written her name inside the little cards which was great practice for her. We also included a little message inside... more on that later. 

The bubbles were from the party section of Big W. $7.48 (or thereabouts) for 24 bottles. 

The tags were also BigW and were only ONE DOLLAR! Bargain! :o) 
The ribbon was $3 from Spotlight for 3m which was just enough, you may need 2 rolls if you have a large class. 

Originally I had threaded the ribbon through the tags before tying on but then I decided it was more efficient if I tied up all the bottles while Bella wrote in the cards and then I tied the cards on afterwards with the silver thread included with the cards. 

And about the message inside- I like to include our phone number and email address, as well as an offer to catch up over the holidays. Working fulltime means we can't do afterschool playdates so school holidays are the perfect opportunity to catch up and keep the network going out of school. 

Laura xx


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