Thursday, September 13, 2012

Filofax notepaper

About three years ago I decided to splurge and treat myself to a genuine (pronounced "jen-yoo-eye-n" with that showman's twang to it, haha) Filofax and it has been one of my best purchases EVER! 

The one I bought is the Metropol Personal size and it's great, small enough to easily carry around in my bag but still big enough to write in comfortably (and be able to fold A4 meeting agendas in half and stash in my filofax for later)

There's a whole assortment of accessories and extras available for the Filofax but they're all a bit pricey. Which is fine for some things but I can't pretend to be happy to spend nearly $10 on some scribble paper and grocery lists! 

So I make my own instead! It's really easy. 

First I choose my paper. I've used plain A4 before but lately I've started printing pretty papers and using those. The ones I used today are from Graphic Garden and are just gorgeous. 
They print two per A4/letter page. So I print them out, trim the white edges off and cut in half with a guillotine. 

Taa-daa, gorgeous notepaper. These pages are too wide though so I measure how wide I need them to be (trace from another page in the Filofax if need be) and trim with the guillotine again.

Now for the holes.... I take a small stack of the notepaper and lay a piece of paper or tab divider over the top and trace the holes onto the top piece of the notepaper (note- you can trim the height of the notepaper. I don't bother as my notepaper sits at the back of my Filofax, so mine hangs out just like in this pic).

Then I take a regular hole punch, turn it upside down (I usually take the 'catcher' off too), line up the holes and punch. I find this easier than using a one-hole plier-punch as it's easier to see where you're punching.

Excuse the chipped polish. One day I will learn not to have chipped polish when I take tutorial pics. But that days was not yesterday! LOL

Repeat for each hole and each stack of paper. Place in your Filofax, use and enjoy!